Everyone Dies In Utah sat down with our Senior Publicist Jesea Lee to discuss the recording of their new album, their run on the Scream The Prayer tour, and their attempted abduction of a goose.


Jesea: How has the recording process been so far?

Trey: Challenging.

Danny: Yea, that’s a good word for it. It’s been a lot of work, non-stop.

 Jesea: What have been some of those challenges?

Danny: For me, it’s been writing something that is lyrically good because before I would have to just write the screaming parts, but since taking over lead vocals, I have had to write the entire song, like the singing and screaming.

Trey: It’s nice though because now that we have singing and screaming coming from the same perspective, there’s not any clashing.

Jesea: It’s a little more cohesive?

Trey: Yea, right.

 Jesea: When did you start writing this album?

Danny: When did we get to the studio? (laughs)

 Jesea: Haha, come on, you guys haven’t been working on this for years? It’s not your masterpiece?

Danny: We had one song that we had written a week before we started the Scream the Prayer tour and then when we got to the studio Keaton actually had a ton of ideas already written on his computer so we just kinda came together and picked all the parts we liked.

Jesea: What can you tell me about this album’s theme if there is one? Does it have any specific kind of feel to it?

Danny: It doesn’t really have a specific theme

Keaton: It’s more mature.

Danny: I wanted to hit stronger messages in the song instead of doing a whole concept behind it; I decided to write full songs that would hit certain people at home. Like one song is about being judged and coming together to be bigger than the people that bully others. Then there’s one that’s about if you want to become better than you are now then you are going to have to go out and do something about it. Then there are a couple songs I wrote about heartbreak.

 Jesea: You gotta have those.

Danny: (laughs) Yea, you know stuff that people can really relate to.

 Jesea: So how is this album going be different from the previous releases musically?

Keaton: It’s a lot heavier.

Danny: Yea, like the heavy parts are a lot heavier and the poppy parts are a lot poppier.

Trey: Synth parts are more synthy (laughs)

Jesea: I heard the bass parts are more bassy, is that true?

Danny: Yea, actually everything on this album is real.

Keaton: Nothing is sampled or programmed

 Jesea: So you think it’s definitely more mature than the stuff you have done?

Keaton: Yea, surprisingly. This is the first time we have written together.
Danny: The fact that we were able to come together and write so well has been amazing.

 Jesea: What’s it been like working with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Alien Ant Farm)?

Danny: Jim is awesome.

Trey: Jim is just really easy to work with.

Danny: He pushed me to levels that I didn’t even know I was capable of. Like, I had never done lead vocals before so it’s great that they sound really good. I mean not to sound cocky or anything, but they sound really good.

Keaton: It doesn’t sound like its Danny’s first time.

Jesea: Do you think this album will be well received among your current fans?

Keaton: I think everybody is going to like at least one song.

Trey: Yea, there is something for everyone.

Keaton: Some of the songs are synth heavy and then there are songs that are more guitar heavy.

Danny: It’s still very much us. It reminds me a lot of the first album especially with how synth heavy it is, but it’s done right. Like how synth should be used.

 Jesea: How was the Scream the Prayer tour?

Danny: Scream the Prayer was awesome!

Trey: Fantastic.

Danny: There were some amazing shows. Like some of the best shows we have ever played.

Keaton: Dallas was great.

Trey: Yea, Dallas was the biggest show on the tour. It felt great being in our home state.

 Jesea: Any interesting tour stories?

Danny: We were at Steak and Shake and we found some geese so we decided to get some bread and try to lure them into the van where some of the members were still sleeping. We ended up just blocking traffic mostly and made a lot of people mad (laughs).

Trey: Some guy was just screaming “Are you serious?!”

Jesea: You should have said “Yes, I am a very serious goose hoarder”

Trey: Unfortunately it didn’t work. We got them pretty close, though.  There were just too many cars getting upset.

Jesea: So you mentioned the crowd was really great in Dallas, but how were they overall?

Danny: Incredible. We had a great response everywhere.

 Jesea: Any closing thoughts?

Keaton: I’m glad I got the chance to make this album.

Trey: It’s been a great experience and I just hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


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You can pick up Everyone Dies In Utah’s last album Polarities on iTunes

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