(Temple, TX) – Tragic Hero Records is excited to announce the release of Item No. 9, the new song off Everyone Dies In Utah’s highly anticipated forthcoming album Neutral Ground.

Item No. 9 is an aggressive, synth heavy track, complimented by a haunting vocal melody. “Growing up I always had a different mindset than most people so I was kinda looked at as different or weird,” says vocalist Danny Martinez. “I always dreamed big and although the path I chose to take in life is different than most, it’s taking me places the average path would have never taken me and that’s what this song is about.”

Neutral Ground was produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, A Skylit Drive, Letter Kills) in his Cleveland, OH recording space Crushtone Studios and is set to come out 11/19/13. Pre-orders are now available at the Tragic Hero MerchNow Store.
About Everyone Dies In Utah:
Teetering between breakneck brutality and elegant, entrancing melody, the Temple, TX quintet formed in 2008, consisting of Danny Martinez (Vocals, Keys, Synth), Trey Golden (Keys, Synth), Keaton Smith (guitar), Brandon Stoltz (guitar), Nolan Bailey (bass) and Ricky Williams (drums). The name of the band began as a joke, but stuck with them as time went on. It derives from the fact that the death rate in Utah was at one time higher than any other state.

So far, Everyone Dies In Utah has continually connected on a deep level with its passionate fan base. Since hitting the scene, they’ve attracted a rabid audience over the course of their self-released EP, I Hope You Realize This Means War in 2009 and then Seeing Clearly. They’ve also toured tirelessly with bands such as Affiance, Sirens and Sailors, Bleach Blonde, The Overseer and more. They know that it is very important to be accessible to their fans and do not plan on getting off the road any time soon

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