Tragic Hero Records Streams Full-Length Strawberry Girls Documentary on YouTube

(Salinas, CA)Tragic Hero Records and groove rock trio Strawberry Girls are currently streaming the full-length documentary JAM on the Tragic Hero YouTube page. The film was shot by Theodore Maider and is packed with exclusive behind the scenes footage that give an inside look at the band. It chronicles the formation of Strawberry Girls, their maiden tour, and is packed the group’s eclectic sound.

Fans who purchase the band’s recent release French Ghetto on iTunes will also receive a digital download of the documentary.

The group’s new song “Egypt” is currently available on BandCamp.
About Strawberry Girls:
When an eclectic group of individuals comes together with an idea to create something fresh, the results can often be outstanding. Such is the case with the experimental rock trio Strawberry Girls. These guys from California (who could even make noise sound groovy) were founded by ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zachary Garren after he crossed paths with drummer Ben Rossett and bassist Ian Jennings. Although the band has worked with guest vocalists, they have remained an instrumental three piece. The album French Ghetto includes vocal appearances by Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds, ex Dance Gavin Dance), Nic Newsham (Gatsbys American Dream), Shane Smit, Kathleen Mae, and Gavin Mulkey. “Our sound was originally built from a desire to practice and play as much as possible, without being restricted by the schedules of many different band members,” says Garren. However, what originally began as an invention out of necessity, became much more than that. Strawberry Girls take a simplistic, yet sometimes technical approach to songwriting by mending parts together that get stuck in your head and compel you to listen to them over and over again.

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