He Is Legend Stream “Heavy Fruit” on Revolver

(Wilmington, NC) – He Is Legend has partnered up with Revolvermag.com to stream their new album Heavy Fruit. The record is the band’s first new release since their 2009 cult classic It Hates You. During the hiatus, the band says they never lost touch and guitarist Adam Tanbouz never stopped writing.

We needed the time off because we had been doing it for ten years and just needed a break. I think the time is what shaped the new record.” says vocalist Schuylar Croom.

Earlier this year, the band felt they had a new spark musically and the time was right to record their fourth full-length album. They brought back previous producer/band member Mitch Marlow (In This Moment, Filter) and enlisted Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Saliva) to mix the record.
 “After a five-year hiatus from songwriting, North Carolina sludge-rock quintet He Is Legend craft an unusually satisfying blend of styles on their fourth album, building on their previous records,” says David McKenna of Revolver Magazine. “‘No Visitors’ starts the album off with a bang, with powerful melodic choruses spliced between groovy southern riffs. This dynamic recurs throughout ‘Heavy Fruit’, and what stands out is how well the band executes each of these seemingly disparate elements. Their sludge sections are as good as they come, but what really makes He Is Legend’s sound unique is their penchant for writing colorful, emotional melodies and harmonies that somehow manage to complement the heavy-hitting core. While some might compare the band’s alchemy to Mastodon, it’s more accurate to say that He Is Legend is exploring novel musical territory. Their melodicism seems to take influences from many styles—grunge, emo, andpost-hardcore among them—but never sounds forced amid heavier elements. ‘This Will Never Work’ features a soaring vocal harmony chorus that’s followed by a pummeling hard-rock riff. ‘Time To Stain’ starts as what seems like a token acoustic ballad, but builds into powerful, cathartic rock song. Overall, ‘Heavy Fruit’ is a impressively consistent record that fans of heavy music should absolutely check out.

You can order Heavy Fruit through the Tragic Hero Records website and get an instant download of the song “Miserable Company.” Exclusive bundles are available that include t-shirts and posters. See below for the tracklisting and the remaining tour dates with Maylene & The Sons of Disaster and Wilson.
1. No Visitors
2. This Will Never Work
3. Miserable Company
4. Something, Something, Something Witchy
5. I Sleep Just Fine
6. Beethozart
7. Spout Mouth
8. Be Easy
9. Time To Stain
11. Smoker Scoff
12. The Carpet
13. Heavy Fruit
8/15 St Louis, MO @ Fubar
8/16 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
8/17 ST. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam
8/19 Newport, KY @ Thompson House
8/20 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
8/21 Lousiville, KY @ Phoenix Hill Tavern
8/22 Fayetteville, NC @ The Drunken Horse Pub

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