Wearing Thin Releases “Fake Amends”

Wearing Thin Releases “Fake Amends”
Wearing Thin is excited to release their Tragic Hero Records label debut EP, “Fake Amends” which is available today digitally. “Fake Amends” will be released physically in January 2016.
Vocalist Tylor Blackburn explains the many emotions that were a part of the writing process for the EP, “Fake Amends goes over the feelings you experience when going through some kind of split or break up. At the time, it was largely based on previous bands we recently departed from. As the songs grew, they started to encompass more of our personal lives, whether through romance, or friendships. The titles play on words comes from how people will build a facade with those they used to be close to in order to avoid being uncomfortable, and expressing their true feelings.”
“Fake Amends” is available for streaming and purchase at:
Physical copies along with limited edition cassettes are available now at:
About Wearing Thin: 
Taking cues from multiple different influences, Wearing Thin has figured out the perfect combination to their own sound. Tylor Blackburn (Vocals), Jace Garner, (Drums) Sean Jurewicz, (Guitar) Maclaine Lewis, (Guitar) and Nico Lee (Bass) are ready to take the band to a whole new level after signing with Tragic Hero Records in 2015.
The band had their start in Salt Lake City, Utah after Blackburn mentioned needing a drummer on social media for a new project and that’s where Garner came into the picture. Childhood friend Lewis was recruited to play guitar and another musician in the local scene, Lee, was brought in on bass. Jurewicz plays guitar in a former band of Blackburn’s and after hearing about the new direction was quick to be a part of it.
Wearing Thin is no stranger to the recording studio. They recorded their EP, “Fake Amends” which was produced by Andy Patterson and mixed/mastered by Randy Cordner. They’ve also worked with the duo on their 7” split with Keyes. The band then went back into the studio to re-record the EP to show the band’s significant growth as a band.
“Fake Amends” will be Wearing Thin’s Tragic Hero debut and will be out in December 2015. The band has toured previously as a three piece but is ready to hit the road with their current line-up and changed sound.
Wearing Thin:
Tragic Hero Records Links:

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