Tragic Hero Adds Vesuvius To The Roster

Band Premieres First Single off Upcoming Release
     Hailing from Ottawa, ON, Vesuvius is the latest addition to the ever growing Tragic Hero roster. Fans can get the first audible glimpse of the band’s new album with the single “Nurture” which premiered today. Vocalist Ben Cooligan explains that “This piece (“Nurture”) consumed more time than any musical endeavour we have taken part in and is the resolve of a very daunting past experience. It’s a song I wrote about discovering the ashes of somebody who afflicted me in a parental manner, and having to embrace the contrast between life and death at an incomprehensible age.” The lyrics definitely show not only strong emotions but also deep and interesting thoughts and the band doesn’t limit the depth to words alone. Vocalist Billy Melsness adds, “Instrumentally, it’s probably the most collaborative, cohesive, compelling piece we have crafted thus far. We really took a few steps back on this track to appreciate the bigger picture of a well-written work of art that we can all be unanimously and undeniably proud of.”
      Vesuvius also announced the release of their first full length album, “My Place of Solace and Rest” will be on May 6th and is available now for pre-order. The band will tour in support of the album with details being announced soon.
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     (Ottawa, ON)  Even though identifying as a rock metal outfit, Vesuvius, has perfectly crafted a sound that is adaptable to anything emotive or powerful. Using a two vocalist dynamic which includes both clean and scream vocals and incorporates a disc jockey is part of what sets this band apart from most.
      Comprised of five best friends who grew up playing music together, Vesuvius has transformed a hobby into a labor of love and passion. Ben Cooligan (vocals), Billy Melsness (vocals), Robin Parsons (synth/turntables), Michael Luc Malo (guitars) and Carter Peak (percussion) focus on making music that is vastly influenced material and strive for a live performance that is equally emotional as it is energetic.
      Their first full length album, “My Place of Solace and Rest” (tracks 1-4 engineered/mixed/mastered by Frank Shooflar , tracks 5-8 mixed/mastered by Shooflar and engineered by Doug Meadows) was an  integral part of how the band caught the eye of Tragic Hero Records.  “We have personal friends who have partnered with Tragic Hero Records and swear by the company. We wanted to make sure to work with a label that cares about their artists’ creative integrity, making Tragic the most suitable route to take” Cooligan said.
     “My Place of Solace and Rest” will feature the “Vesuvius sound” which Melness describes it as “a theme implemented throughout the music that refers to the structure of each piece the two have put together. Each song is structured with an “emotional crux” often sitting in the middle of the piece. Throughout the build and break of the tracks, each piece ebbs and flows in order to create the greatest impact when it reaches its climax.” The album will be released on May 6th and the band plans to tour in support of the record.
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