Wearing Thin Premieres “Company (Misery)”

     Wearing Thin is proud to premiere their first single off their upcoming 7″ split with labelmates Keyes. “Company (Misery)” takes a different spin on a relationship that didn’t work out. Vocalist Tylor Blackburn explains, “Company (Misery) was the first song we wrote where we really felt like we were starting to find our direction musically. Lyrically it’s my personal favorite taking an opposite approach of writing about a failing relationship. Instead of the emotion being focused on the partner, it’s more about myself, and being disconnected or distracted with an otherwise positive relationship.”
     The split 7″ with Keyes will be available on April 15th and the bands will be touring together in support of the release. You can pre-order the album now atmerchbucket.
About Wearing Thin: 
     Taking cues from multiple different influences, Wearing Thin has figured out the perfect combination to their own sound. Tylor Blackburn (Vocals), Jace Garner, (Drums) Jeffery Mudgett, (Guitar) Maclaine Lewis, (Guitar) and Nico Lee (Bass) are ready to take the band to a whole new level after signing with Tragic Hero Records in 2015.
     The band had their start in Salt Lake City, Utah after Blackburn mentioned needing a drummer on social media for a new project and that’s where Garner came into the picture. Childhood friend Lewis was recruited to play guitar and another musician in the local scene, Lee, was brought in on bass. Mudgett rounds out the sound on guitar.
     Wearing Thin is no stranger to the recording studio. They recorded their EP, “Fake Amends” which was produced by Andy Patterson and mixed/mastered by Randy Cordner. They’ve also worked with the duo on their 7” split with Keyes. The band then went back into the studio to re-record the EP to show the band’s significant growth as a band.
    “Fake Amends” was the band’s label debut and was released in December 2015. The band has toured previously as a three piece but is ready to hit the road with their current line-up and changed sound.
Wearing Thin:

Save Us From The Archon Releases “L’Eclisse”

Kicked off national tour with Intervals, Plini and Angel Vivaldi
Save Us From The Archon is extremely proud to release their Tragic Hero Records label debut album, “L’Eclisse”. The band is excited for fans to hear the direction they took this album in musically. Guitarist Andrew Cresto explains, “with L’Eclisse, we’ve created a soundscape that mimics our internal consciousness and all the emotions contained within in an attempt to clearly identify one’s true persona. Shifting between fast paced punk stanzas and soft melodic interludes, L’Eclisse is our truest and most violent sound to date.”
“L’Eclisse” got it’s title from a 1962 Italian movie with the same name. Cresto describes the correlation between the two, “the film is a monument of Italian Neo Realist Cinema and directly reflects the themes of existentialism and alienation that the album reflects upon.”
Save Us From The Archon kicked off their national tour with Intervals, Plini and Angel Vivaldi on 3/17 and will be on the road until the tour wraps up on 4/23.
The album is available physically at Merchbucket and digitally at the outlets below:
3/17 Quebec City, QC @ L’Anti
3/18 Montreal, QC @ Bar le Ritz PDB
3/19 Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
3/20 Hamilton, ON @ The Underground
3/21 London, ON @ Rum Runners
3/23 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
3/25 New York, NY @ Santo’s
3/26 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
3/28 Detroit, MI @ Pike Room
3/29 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
3/30 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
3/31 Minneapolis, MN @ Amsterdam
4/1 Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge
4/3 Denver, CO @ The Roxy Theater
4/4 Salt Lake City, UT @ Billboard Live
4/5 Spokane, WA @ The Pin
4/6 Seattle, WA @ Studio 7
4/7 Portland, OR @ Bossa Nova Ballroom
4/8 Reno, NV @ PB&J’s
4/9 Petaluma, CA @ Phoenix Theater
4/11 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
4/13 Mesa, AZ @ Pub Rock
4/16 Ft Worth, TX @ The Rail Club
4/17 Houston, TX @ Walter’s
4/18 Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
4/19 Birmingham, AL @ Syndicate Lounge
4/20 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
4/21 Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street
4/22 Lancaster, PA @ Launch Music Conference
4/23 Toronto, ON @ Adelaide Music Hall
About Save Us From The Archon:
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Save Us From The Archon (SUFTA) has sculpted a unique sound that is, at once, aggressive, chaotic, heartfelt, and hypnotic.  Fast paced angular progressions are counterbalanced by soothing mellow interludes.  The broad dynamics are tied together by their progressive foundation with a distinct melodic sentiment.  While SUFTA’s compositions nod to influences spanning math rock, metal, and punk, their sound is unmistakable.
On their new album L’Eclisse, one will find no human voice.  While many bands depend upon a vocalist to express their creative vision, no words are necessary for SUFTA. Their expressive writing and poignant playing tell a vibrant story all their own.
SUFTA remains true to their DIY ethic on L’Eclisse as they wrote, recorded, and produced the record themselves.  But, to further expand upon their vision, they have enlisted help to bring this new offering to life.  The record marks their debut for Tragic Hero Records.  Anthony Calebretta (Protest the Hero, Intervals) is mixing and mastering.
Andrew Cresto (Guitar), Nelson Brooks (Guitar), Samantha Zunich (Bass), Devin Greig (Drums) have been playing together for several years and multiple albums, continually exploring their sound and refining their craft.  Now, with L’Eclisse, SUFTA presents listeners with a snapshot of their latest evolution.
SUFTA’s Tragic Hero debut is out on March 18th, 2016.  See them live across the U.S. with Intervals, Plini, and Angel Vivaldi March 17th – April 23rd.
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Tragic Hero Records Announces Signing of Pathways

Premieres new song off upcoming EP (available 4/15)
     Tragic Hero Records is proud to announce the signing of Florida metal recording artist Pathways. Guitarist Jon Rose expressed the band’s excitement about the next steps in their career, “The folks over at Tragic Hero Records have showed us nothing but support so far. It’s been a truly pleasant experience in every way possible. We have high hopes for the future.”
     Pathways also premiered their new single,”Miserae”, off their upcoming EP ‘Dies Irae’. The record has an ongoing concept of the four horseman of the apocalypse with each rider symbolizing conquest, war, famine, and death. Rose explains that “Miserae takes us on the menacing journey of the pale horse, death.”
     ‘Dies Irae’ will be released on April 15th and pre-orders will be available soon.
About Pathways:
Known for their use of dual 8 string guitars, Pathways best describes their music as a masquerade dance with classical waltz movements but, at other times cryptic with certain transitions that keep the listener on the edge of their seat. The end result is beautiful, yet frightening at times and melodic but in a way that is also haunting.
The band was formed in late 2012 and has solidified their current lineup of Jon Rose (guitars). Jentzen Flaskerud (guitars), Nicholas Scott (vocals), Lorence Drewry (bass) and Wil Lanagan (drums). The quintet aims to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. They strive for a unique and powerful sound showcasing their progressive metal-core background while intertwining classical, melodic and technical influences.
Pathways is no stranger to the studio having a lot of experience under their belts. Their discography includes  a self-produced EP called Unconscious Lives (2012), single produced by Dreadcore Productions “Arise” (2013), EP produced by Parallel Focus Studios titled “Harlot”(2014), self-produced single called “Xmas Time” (2014), and the upcoming EP mixed/mastered by Afflux Studios “Dies Irae” .
In 2016, the band got the attention of Tragic Hero Records President, Tommy LaCombe. Guitarist Rose explains why Pathways felt this was a perfect partnership, “In the end, we wanted to go with a label that provided us with a more personal/hands-on approach. Plus, Tommy is great.”
Pathways will release their Tragic Hero Records debut EP, “Dies Irae” on April 15th.
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Tragic Hero Records Signs Earthists.

Japanese naturecore band premiere new song
  Tragic Hero Records is proud to welcome Earthists. to their roster. Hailing from Toyko, Japan, Earthists. is a five piece progressive metalcore band or in the words of the band “naturecore” and is excited to premiere the single “Winterfell”. Yuta Tanaka explains, “I was inspired by a breakup and the lyrics showcase a struggle with loneliness. I want people to hear this song and be inspired to be strong and to not give up on a life they want to live”
     The song is the title track off their label debut which is set to be released in fall 2016. Earthists is preparing for their Japanese tour with Volumes, Sunquake and Abstracts.
About Earthists:
The Japanese Nature-Core powerhouse Earthists. formed in January 2015 in Tokyo. Musically comprised of technical guitar work, a groove-driven rhythm section, emotional singing and jazzy piano, Earthists. offers a unique interpretation on the flowering progressive metal-core scene. Now a part of the ever growing Tragic Hero Records roster, Earthists. looks to take their place among musical contemporaries such as ERRA, Intervals, Northlanes and more.

The band will release their label debut, “Winterfell” in Fall of 2016 and plans to tour in support of the full length record.

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Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes’ Newphew Launches New Band

Keyes signs with Tragic Hero Records, announces split 7″ release and tour  with fellow label mates Wearing Thin
Tragic Hero Records is proud to announce the addition of Keyes to their ever expanding roster. The band features Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes‘ nephew, Kyle Allen, on vocals and guitar. Keyes caught the eye of label president Tommy LaCombe and the band couldn’t be more excited about the partnership. Allen said, “siding with Tommy, and the rest of Tragic Hero, was an obvious step in a forward direction for Keyes. He (Tommy) has treated us as friends from the beginning and we couldn’t be happier to work with someone that we’d proudly call our friend.”
In addition to the signing announcement, Keyes premiered their song “Sewing Circle” which will be featured on the split 7″ (out 4/15) with THR labelmates, Wearing Thin. Tylor Blackburn, the vocalist for WT, explains, “We’ve been friends with Keyes since Wearing Thin’s conception. This split has felt long overdue, and we’re excited both our bands get to grow together. Our side of songs carries off of our EP dealing with the feelings of letting go of toxic relationships.”
The album will be out on April 15th and is available for pre-order starting today. The two bands will be hitting the road in support of the record.
About Keyes:
Entrancing melodies and heartfelt lyrics are part of what makes the San Diego quartet, Keyes, stand apart. They pride themselves on staying true to themselves and playing music that is real, which comes across in every song they play.
       Hitting the scene with their first release in 2011, Kyle Allen (vocals/guitar), Ian Alvarez (guitar), and Danny T. Penwell (drums) have worked tirelessly to produce quality music and to add to their ever growing fan base. For their first EP “Therefore/Without” they enlisted Paul Parks and Michael Schlereth to record and mix/master. When it was time to follow up that EP, Casey Bates (A Skylit Drive, Memphis May Fire, Pierce The Veil) was brought in to mix/master “Wandermere” in 2014. After building a friendship with Bates, Keyes was ready to work with him again when they teamed up with Tragic Hero label mates Wearing Thin to record a split EP which will be out in 2016.
         Keyes was eager to hit the road after releasing their EP’s. They’ve toured the west coast with Matthew Fitzpatrick of My Iron Lung (Pure Noise Records) and have also toured the southwest with Captives (Ronald Records).
          In 2015, Keyes caught the eye of Tragic Hero President, Tommy LaCombe and both agreed working together would be a good fit.  Allen explains, “Aside from growing up and loving the Tragic Hero roster, we had heard nothing but good things from friends who had worked with Tommy. Tragic Hero sounds like and will hopefully be the beginning of great things to come for Keyes”.
Keyes split EP with Wearing Thin will be released in early 2016 and the band plans to announce new tour dates in support of their new music and will be the first time featuring their new bassist, Dominic Trujillo.
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