Tragic Hero Records Announces Signing of Pathways

Premieres new song off upcoming EP (available 4/15)
     Tragic Hero Records is proud to announce the signing of Florida metal recording artist Pathways. Guitarist Jon Rose expressed the band’s excitement about the next steps in their career, “The folks over at Tragic Hero Records have showed us nothing but support so far. It’s been a truly pleasant experience in every way possible. We have high hopes for the future.”
     Pathways also premiered their new single,”Miserae”, off their upcoming EP ‘Dies Irae’. The record has an ongoing concept of the four horseman of the apocalypse with each rider symbolizing conquest, war, famine, and death. Rose explains that “Miserae takes us on the menacing journey of the pale horse, death.”
     ‘Dies Irae’ will be released on April 15th and pre-orders will be available soon.
About Pathways:
Known for their use of dual 8 string guitars, Pathways best describes their music as a masquerade dance with classical waltz movements but, at other times cryptic with certain transitions that keep the listener on the edge of their seat. The end result is beautiful, yet frightening at times and melodic but in a way that is also haunting.
The band was formed in late 2012 and has solidified their current lineup of Jon Rose (guitars). Jentzen Flaskerud (guitars), Nicholas Scott (vocals), Lorence Drewry (bass) and Wil Lanagan (drums). The quintet aims to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. They strive for a unique and powerful sound showcasing their progressive metal-core background while intertwining classical, melodic and technical influences.
Pathways is no stranger to the studio having a lot of experience under their belts. Their discography includes  a self-produced EP called Unconscious Lives (2012), single produced by Dreadcore Productions “Arise” (2013), EP produced by Parallel Focus Studios titled “Harlot”(2014), self-produced single called “Xmas Time” (2014), and the upcoming EP mixed/mastered by Afflux Studios “Dies Irae” .
In 2016, the band got the attention of Tragic Hero Records President, Tommy LaCombe. Guitarist Rose explains why Pathways felt this was a perfect partnership, “In the end, we wanted to go with a label that provided us with a more personal/hands-on approach. Plus, Tommy is great.”
Pathways will release their Tragic Hero Records debut EP, “Dies Irae” on April 15th.
Pathways Links:

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