Vesuvius Is Not Ready To Go Home To Canada Yet

Canadian band extends their first U.S tour with solo dates
    Canadian metalcore band, Vesuvius, is currently on their first ever U.S tour on the “My Place of Solace and Rest Tour pt. 2” and will be staying in the States with the addition of new solo dates.
    Playing music in another country has been a dream come true for the band and vocalist Billy Melsness explains the group’s excitement on the extended tour, “We’re enthralled to announce that we will be hopping onto a second tour here in the U.S. immediately after we complete the ‘My Place of Solace and Rest Pt. II’ tour on July 10th. We’re happy to be hitting a lot of places that we didn’t get the chance to on this run, and a few places I’ve hoped to travel to for quite some time now. See you on the road!”
    After this run of U.S dates, Vesuvius will head home for a short break and then hit the road on the “Scream My Name Tour” as direct support for Something You Whisper throughout Canada.
    The band’s debut album, “My Place of Solace and Rest” was released in May and hit #78 on the Billboard New Artist Chart. Physical copies are available at Merchbucket.
U.S Solo Dates
July 12th- Las Vegas, NV
July 14th- Spokane, WA
July 15th- Olympia, WA
July 19th- Omaha, NE
July 22nd- Moline, IL
July 23rd- Plano, IL
July 24th- Saginaw, MI
“Scream My Name Tour” with Something You Whisper
August 14th – Owen Sound, ON*
August 19th – Cambridge, ON*
August 20th – Ottawa, ON
August 23rd – Windsor, ON
August 24th – Hamilton, ON
August 26th – London, ON
August 27th – Toronto, ON
August 28th – Barrie, ON

*Only Something You Whisper

About Vesuvius
Hailing from Ottawa, ON., Vesuvius brings forth an identity that cannot be disclosed within one particular genre of music. Since their formation in early 2015, the band began working on a blueprint that encompasses a vast expanse of musical influences and intends on defying the millennial archetype of what the youth of today deem to be a rock or metal act.
Unlike the majority of bands playing in their scene today, Vesuvius is a composition of organic means. Ben Cooligan (vocals), Billy Melsness (vocals), Robin Parsons (synth/turntables), Michael Luc Malo (guitars) and Carter Peak (percussion) came together as five friends with a unanimous goal to transform what was once a hobby into a labour of love and passion. Their quintet dynamic allows for them to translate an incredibly emotive craft into an energetic and wholly entertaining live performance from beginning until completion.
Their first full length album, “My Place of Solace and Rest” (tracks 1-4 engineered/mixed/mastered by Frank Shooflar , tracks 5-8 mixed/mastered by Shooflar and engineered by Doug Meadows) was an integral component of how the band caught the eye of Tragic Hero Records.  “We have personal friends who have partnered with Tragic Hero Records and swear by the company. We wanted to make sure to work with a label that cares about their artists’ creative integrity, making Tragic the most suitable route to take” Melsness said.
“My Place of Solace and Rest” will be the debut of what the band trademarks as the “Vesuvius sound”. Cooligan describes it as “a theme implemented throughout the music that refers to the structure of each piece the two have put together. Each song is structured with an “emotional crux” often sitting in the middle of the piece. Throughout the build and break of the tracks, each piece ebbs and flows in order to create the greatest impact when it reaches its climax.”
“My Place of Solace and Rest” was released on May 6th and hit #78 on the Billboard New Artist Chart.

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