Avant Garde Premieres Debut Single Former A Skylit Drive Members Cory and Joey Present New Project

    Cory LaQuay and Joey Wilson have played music together for years as band-mates in A Skylit Drive. Both went their separate ways from ASD, but have reconnected to make music again with their new project, Avant Garde.
    Curiosity has surrounded the duo as to whether or not their sound will be similar to what they’ve done in the past. Their debut single, “I’m 100% Sure We Are Not Completely Sure”, is just a sneak peak of what the record holds, as every song is unique and will leave listeners wondering where the music will go next. LaQuay explains, “We are super stoked to finally release a song off of our brand new record! We’ve been working on this project for awhile, and have been anticipating this for months, and now it’s time to get it out there for you all to hear! Every song has it’s own kinda style so don’t expect the whole album to sound like this!”
  Avant Garde couldn’t be more appreciative for their long time fans who have stuck by them and for all the new fans that will experience their music, “It’s awesome you’re taking the time to check out our new project. I had so much fun writing and recording this music and working with Cory again!” said Wilson.
    “Fire Walk With Me” was recorded at Gold Standard Studios and was mixed/mastered by Jim Stewart (Jim Stewart Recording). The record will be out August 5th worldwide on Tragic Hero Records and is available now for pre-order at Merchbucket.
About Avant Garde
Cory LaQuay and Joey Wilson got their whirlwind start in music in the post hardcore band, A Skylit Drive. Both LaQuay and Wilson were original members and there since the beginning with the band’s first release, an the EP titled “She Watched The Sky” (2007). Together they went on to record 3 full lengths with the band, “Wires and The Concept of Breathing” (2008), “Adelphia” (2009) and “Identity on Fire” (2011).
2012 brought the departure of Wilson after the band finished up their run on the All Stars Tour. As they prepared for their show in the Philippines, Wilson decided it was time to move on and get his personal life together.
LaQuay continued on with the band as the drummer and was involved in the 2013 release “Rise”.  After being the drummer for ASD for 7 years, he decided that the band wasn’t a project he wanted to be a part of anymore and announced he would leave the band.
Staying friends over the years and both sharing a passion for music, Wilson and LaQuay decided it was time to get together and start a new project and that became Avant Garde. In addition to writing the songs together, LaQuay is singing and Wilson is playing guitar.
The duo’s debut album, “Fire Walk With Me” will be released in August 2016 and will be unlike anything fans have heard in the past
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