SET TO STUN Gives Their All on Stage Premieres video that showcases live performance

     SET TO STUN is a band known for their outrageous antics on stage and genre transcending songs. The new video for “Mirror, Mirror” is put together with live tour footage and showcases what a SET TO STUN show is really like.
     The track is off their latest Tragic Hero Records release “SET TO STUN and The Desperado Undead”, a title which has a deeper meaning and appears as a recurring theme throughout the record. Guitarist/vocalist Damien Wong explains, “SET TO STUN and The Desperado Undead is an album title attributed to the very real and very powerful relationship we share with our fans. SET TO STUN has allowed us to transcend the separatist notion of “genre” and in doing so set in motion an eclectic fan base of all demographics. An army of believers, all resonating within the same emotional frequencies. The Desperado Undead is very real, and our live performances will attest to that.”
      “SET TO STUN and The Desperado Undead” is available for purchase at Merchbucket and can be streamed on Spotify.
Words alone cannot describe the band SET TO STUN. Each person who listens to the Southern California trio will have their own extreme experience and be left gasping for air. One minute you’ll be thrashing around within the violence of it, and the next minute you’ll be serenaded into a trance-like state and inspired to take on the world. Listening to a SET TO STUN album is more of a journey than just a bunch of songs thrown together on the same CD.  The music has a dangerous quality and you’ll get lost in the chaos of what’s happening, while you try to find your way back to safety.
Taylor Wong (bass/vocals), and Marcus Molina (drums) hinges on the intense lyrics that are relate-able to many different situations. Whether you’re going through a break-up, dealing with a drug addiction, being shipped off to war, or just trying to pursue your dreams, there is a little something here for everyone. More inspired by science-fiction and horror movies than the post-hardcore bands that they have been compared to, they describe themselves as the “Quentin Taratino of rock-n-roll.”
SET TO STUN has appeared on major festivals like South By So What?! and Vans Warped Tour. After performing with the likes of Motionless In White and Asking Alexandria, they gained thousands of views on their YouTube videos and caught the attention of Tragic Hero Records who signed them in 2014. “We are really excited to have the band on our roster,” says Tragic Hero CEO Tommy LaCombe. “They are truly a cinematic experience without limitations.” The band went into the studio to work on their upcoming album which was mastered/mixed by Joey Sturgis, “SET TO STUN and The Desperado Undead” was released on November 27th.


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