Earthists. Premiere Debut Video

Band releases powerful single off debut album
     There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Japanese metalcore band, Earthists. The band labels themselves as “naturecore” and if you listen to their lyrics, you’ll understand why this is a perfect fit.
     The new single “Cybele” is an important track off their debut record ‘Dreamscape’. Not only does the song include powerful lyrics (Will mankind rule this grassland, where we see the setting sun. How long will we be able to see, the green covering the earth?), but the track shows the band’s world view and gives the listener a sense of who the band is.
      “Cybele” marks the band’s first music video, Guitarist Yuto Hirabayashi explains, “The song features atmospheric, technical guitar along with emotional vocals and the video showcases human behavior and an ideal world by casting a reflection of significant images.”
     Earthists. debut album,’Dreamscape’, will be out 3/8. The record is available for pre-order Worldwide at Merchbucket and Bandcamp. Japanese pre-orders are available at Tower Records.
About Earthists.
     The Japanese Nature-Core powerhouse Earthists. formed in January 2015 in Tokyo. Musically comprised of technical guitar work, a groove-driven rhythm section, emotional singing and jazzy piano, Earthists. offers a unique interpretation on the flowering progressive metal-core scene. Now a part of the ever growing Tragic Hero Records roster, Earthists. looks to take their place among musical contemporaries such as ERRA, Intervals, Northlane and more.

Earthists. will release their debut record, “Dreamscape” in March of 2017. The band challenged themselves to create an album that transcends genres and to write lyrics that are meaningful. Guitarist Yuta Tanaka explains, “Dreamscape has variety of genres of music from a post rock song to metalcore songs. With this record, we wanted to create something new while incorporating technical riffage, jazzy piano sounds and grooves. Lyrically, we showcased struggling with loneliness and importance to live strongly.”