Craig Mabbitt Uses Own Life as Inspiration On New Track

Dead Rabbitts release second single off upcoming album
     The Dead Rabbitts recently premiered the first new track since the release of their ‘Shapeshifter’ album in 2014. Last month when they debuted “Dead Again” the track received an overwhelming response and this week the band eagerly premiered the second single, “Burn It Down” off  the upcoming full length record titled, ‘This Emptiness’.
     “Burn It Down” is inspired by toxic people getting involved in your life and finally realizing that in order to move forward in one’s own life, you have to cut out the negative. Mabbitt explains, “Sometimes you develop relationships with people you should’ve never developed in the first place, this track is about burning down those bridges you built connecting you to those individuals, quality over quantity you might say.”
    “This Emptiness” will be out everywhere 4/14 and pre-orders are available now at Merchbucket.
About Dead Rabbitts
     The Dead Rabbitts are a metalcore super group from Phoenix, AZ. The band is comprised of Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate), TJ Bell (Escape the Fate, Motionless in White), and Rob Pierce . The music is largely reminiscent of Mabbitt’s previous groups Blessthefall and The Word Alive with Mabbitt telling AltPress “this is what I wanted to do with The Word Alive.” It’s a heavier bombardment of sound than Escape The Fate fans will be used to, but is still filled with plenty of hooks and harmonies.
     After the release of their first EP Edge of Reality (produced by Caleb Shomo of Attack, Attack! and Beartooth) and a successful tour with Get Scared, The Dead Rabbitts signed with Tragic Hero Records. “It pretty much fell into place”, says Mabbitt. “I called Escape The Fate’s old manager. I said, ‘If you’re interested, why don’t you manage this project?’ He said, ‘Cool. Well, I’m managing A Skylit Drive right now and they’re on Tragic Hero. Show me some songs.” So I did, and everybody loved them.
     Mabbitt and The Dead Rabbitts immediately began work on a full-length album with Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Motionless in White) in Ocala, Florida. “Wade took a lot of the songs and fucking killed it, in a good way,” says Mabbitt. “He took one of my least-favorite songs that we recorded, and now it’s the whole band’s favorite. It’s crazy how much something so simple can completely change a song.” The album is entitled Shapeshifter (out 2014) and is even heavier and faster than Edge of Reality. The record also features a sexually charged raucous tune with Ashley Costello of New Years Day.
     After staying quiet for three years, 2017 was the return of the Rabbitts as the band premiered, “Dead Again”, off their upcoming album ‘This Emptiness’.
The record is a personal outlet for Mabbitt while he touches on his own struggles as explained to AP, “The past two years of my life, just personally, have been pretty crazy, [There were] a lot of changes I was trying to make that ultimately just made me very, very unhappy.” While the subject matter may be dark, Mabbitt is hopeful for the future, “The main line in the chorus [of the title track] ends with, ‘This emptiness gives me room to grow.’ So it’s very optimistic. It goes to some dark places, but [is] just all around optimistic about it.”
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“Italian Ghosts” Showcases Evolution of Strawberry Girls

Band releases re-imagined version of their debut EP
     Strawberry Girls Guitarist Zac Garren and Drummer Ben Rosett have been making music together since 2011 when they were using Rosett’s parents garage as a practice and recording space. They didn’t really have a defined direction musically and even after Bassist Ian Jennings joined in, the band experimented with different styles and were still unsure at what sound they were aiming for with the project. This is why the “Italian Ghosts” EP, which was their first release, is stylistically different than their next two records, “French Ghetto” and “American Graffiti”.
     After six years of growing as individuals and as musicians, Strawberry Girls wanted to  re-record the original EP, as Rosett explains, “The decision to re-record Italian Ghosts came about after we realized that the old recordings never did the songs justice, and we felt like they deserved to be heard with a much better production.”
    Recording and self producing their albums, there has always been an overwhelming sense of pride Strawberry Girls have felt with their music and this record is no exception as the re-imaged tracks showcase their growth. There are also four brand new tracks that the band is excited for fans to hear because as Rosett explains, “[the new tracks] defy our usual genre, while also being extensions of some of the original songs on Italian Ghosts and also featuring a multitude of guest vocalists” which includes Kathleen Delano, Joey Lancaster (Belle Noire), B Rolla, Nic Newsham, Mark Banks, Sarah Glass and Tragic Hero Records label mate Jenna Fournier (Nights).
     The album is available on all major digital platforms with physical copies at Merchbucket.
     Strawberry Girls also recently announced they will be making a second appearance on NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly on February 21st (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning).
About Strawberry Girls
When an eclectic group of individuals comes together with an idea to create something fresh, the results can often be outstanding. Such is the case with the experimental rock trio Strawberry Girls. These guys from California were founded by ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zachary Garren after he crossed paths with drummer Ben Rossett and bassist Ian Jennings. Although the band has worked with guest vocalists, they have remained an instrumental three piece. The album French Ghetto includes vocal appearances by Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds, ex Dance Gavin Dance), Nic Newsham (Gatsby’s American Dream), Shane Smit, Kathleen Mae, and Gavin Mulkey. “Our sound was originally built from a desire to practice and play as much as possible, without being restricted by the schedules of many different band members,” says Garren. However, what originally began as an invention out of necessity, became much more than that. Strawberry Girlstake a simplistic, yet sometimes technical approach to songwriting by mending parts together that get stuck in your head and compel you to listen to them over and over again.

    Strawberry Girls have gone back into the studio to record their new album “American Graffiti” and are excited for fans to hear the new songs. “We can’t wait for everyone to hear American Graffiti, an album we’ve been writing for over two years. We put a ton of work into making this our best album so far, not just musically, but sonically, too. It’s a bit different than our previous releases and we explore a lot more musical territory with this album. We care about every single note we chose to play on American Graffiti and know it shows.” Garren explained.

“American Graffiti” was released on November 13, 2015 and hit #22 on the Billboard New Artist Chart. The band has been consistantly playing shows since the release including the 10 year anniversary Dance Gavin Dance run and the sold out Chon tour.

In 2016, Strawberry Girls made their national television debut when they appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly. The feature included live footage from one of their LA shows and they will be appearing on the show again in 2017. The band also went back into the studio to work on their upcoming album.

     The Strawberry Girls will release “Italian Ghosts” (previously released in 2011) on February 17, 2017. The band rerecord the original album and will also include four brand new tracks. The record features guest vocals from Nic Newsham, Kathleen Delano, B Rolla, Joey Lancaster, Mark Banks, Sarah Glass and Jenna Fournier.

The Artificials Turn Tragedy Into Inspiration

Band premieres new single “Stormwolf”
     Most people have experienced tragedy in their lives and have been left to deal with the emotions. Everyone deals with this in their own way, The Artificials have taken a very painful experience of losing a friend in an accident and paid tribute in their new single, “Stormwolf”.
     Aside from the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Sarah Rigdon, The Artificials’ heartache is evident as she faithfully sings, “When your soul left, Part of our hearts turned forever blue. We try to understand, But the peace of God surpasses all understanding. Blessed are those who mourn”. Guitarist Alan Rigdon shares his perspective, “This song is dedicated in memory of Daulton Storm Holly, a friend who was taken from the world way too soon by a drunk driver. Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
The Artificials also announced that their debut album, “Heart”, will be out on 3/31 and is available for pre order now at Merchbucket.
About The Artificials
     With a unique use of polyrhythms and odd time signatures, The Artificials will take you on somewhat of a mathematical journey of controlled chaos. Every song has a purpose and a certain feel, while keeping it simple with a catchy chorus to keep people singing. The dynamics of the clean guitar sections will take you from a sparkling angelic coma to a crushing chaotic rhythm and rip you back into reality.
     The Artificials originally consisted of Guitarist Alan Rigdon and his friend Aaron Surratt way back as teenagers posting demos on Myspace. Although the recordings were rough, it got the musicians noticed. Rigdon decided to put the band on hold when he joined ERRA. After recording with ERRA and going out on numerous national tours, Rigdon felt it was time to get back to his own thing. He went on to marry Vocalist Sarah Rigdon and started up The Artificals again.
     Finding the perfect additions to the line-up proved to be easier said than done. Rigdon found Travis Wilburn (guitar) on social media and because he had a similar writing style, he proved to be a perfect fit. Brent Stanley, a proficient multi instrumentalist was a hometown friend of Rigdon’s and was brought in on bass. Finding a drummer was the most difficult spot to fill but luckily Rigdon’s childhood friend, Shelton Summersgill was between projects and joined on drums.
     The Artificials released a 4 track EP in 2014 (Produced/Engineered by A. Rigdon of Study Sounds Recordings, Mastered by Griffin Kolinski [RIP] at Hourglass Studios). It was these recordings and the past relationship Rigdon had with Tragic Hero Records President Tommy LaCombe while with ERRA that led to the band partnering up with the label for their first full length album, “Heart” (Mixed/produced/mastered by A. Rigdon of Study Sound Recordings). Rigdon explains, “I have history with Tragic as I used to play guitar for ERRA. Tommy and I kept in touch because I felt like he really cared about our music and provided us with such a personable business relationship.”
     “Heart” will be out March 2017. The band looks forward to hitting the road on their first tour together.
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The Afterimage Premieres First New Track Since 2015

Band begins new chapter with the single “Pursue”
     The Afterimage burst onto the national scene with their Tragic Hero Records debut EP in 2015, “Lumiere”. They hit the road with bands like Invent, Animate and ERRA, then remained fairly quiet until now. The Afterimage is excited to start their next chapter with the single “Pursue”.
     The song is deeply personal to the band and is one which fans will be able to relate. Vocalist Kyle Anderson explains, “[Pursue] is a song about an individual who has poured out their everything into their significant other only to receive negativity in response.  This is their personal journey and a outline of the steps taken to recover.”
     For this recording, the band was excited to work again with Jordan Valeriote. As Anderson shared, “his work was very well received in the past and we are extremely comfortable working with him.”  Not only will the track be a transition to the new record, it’ll also be the debut of the band’s new guitarist, Asher Ally.
     Details on an upcoming full length record will be available at a later date. “Pursue” is  available now on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.
About The Afterimage

     Afterimage: “An impression of a vivid sensation (especially a visual image) retained after the stimulus has ceased.” One of the major goals of the band The Afterimage is just that, to leave listeners with a lasting impression or sensation after listening to their music.
Taking cues from multiple genres and vastly different influences, Toronto, Canada’s The Afterimage, is ready for fans to hear their new sound after a brief hiatus. The band was originally formed back in 2012 with Kyle Anderson (vocals) and Dallas Bricker (bass). Rob Zalischi (drums), Sam Jacobs(guitar)  and Michael Leo Valeri (guitar) all joined at various times in 2013 and the line-up was then set. The band cites influences from bands like Dance Gavin DanceThe 1975, and Hands Like Houses. They also pull metal influences from TesseracT, Meshuggah, The Contortionist and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.

The Afterimage got into the studio in 2012 and worked with Jordan Valeriote at Sundown Studio (Intervals, Structures, Dead & Divine, Silverstein) to release their debut EP “Formless”. The EP produced 4 singles and helped land them on multiple tours around Canada. The band has toured with Three Crowns, Beheading of a King & Take The Earth Beneath Us.

In late 2013 after getting off the road, the band had personal obligations with school, work and family but that didn’t keep them from writing new material. In 2015, The Afterimage signed to Tragic Hero Records and is ready with the help of the label backing them to take their music to the next level and pursue music full time. The band released their new EP “Luminere” on August 28th. The album (engineered by Valeriote at Sundown Studios and Nick Sampson at Metro 37 Studios, and mixed and mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio) showcases the band’s focus on melody and dynamics and strives to evoke an emotional experience from listeners.

After staying quiet after touring in support of the record, The Afterimage released their first new track, “Pursue”, in two years in March 2017.

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Earthists. Send Strong Message With Debut Album

“Dreamscape” embodies what naturecore is all about
     Earthists. take a unique blend of djent and metalcore to create their signature sound and strive to make their songs meaningful through not only the lyrics, but within the music as well. The band puts their heart into every word and every note to convey their strong message which is evident in their debut record “Dreamscape”.
     After working extremely hard for the last year, Earthists. is excited for fans to experience the album, which is out now digitally (physical release is 3/24). The overall concept of the album according to the band is, “to live strongly and to save nature, which are represented by our use of ambient sounds and lyrics. We wanted very techinical riffs to add to the overall ambiance of the record.”
     “Dreamscape” is available on all digital platforms. physical copies are can be pre-ordered at Merchbucket and MerchNow.
About Earthists.
The Japanese Nature-Core powerhouse Earthists. formed in January 2015 in Tokyo. Musically comprised of technical guitar work, a groove-driven rhythm section, emotional singing and jazzy piano, Earthists. offers a unique interpretation on the flowering progressive metal-core scene. Now a part of the ever growing Tragic Hero Records roster, Earthists. looks to take their place among musical contemporaries such as ERRA, Intervals, Northlane and more.
      Earthists. will release their debut record, “Dreamscape” in March of 2017. The band challenged themselves to create an album that transcends genres and to write lyrics that are meaningful. Guitarist Yuta Tanaka explains, “Dreamscape has variety of genres of music from a post rock song to metalcore songs. With this record, we wanted to create something new while incorporating technical riffage, jazzy piano sounds and grooves. Lyrically, we showcased struggling with loneliness and importance to live strongly.”
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