“Italian Ghosts” Showcases Evolution of Strawberry Girls

Band releases re-imagined version of their debut EP
     Strawberry Girls Guitarist Zac Garren and Drummer Ben Rosett have been making music together since 2011 when they were using Rosett’s parents garage as a practice and recording space. They didn’t really have a defined direction musically and even after Bassist Ian Jennings joined in, the band experimented with different styles and were still unsure at what sound they were aiming for with the project. This is why the “Italian Ghosts” EP, which was their first release, is stylistically different than their next two records, “French Ghetto” and “American Graffiti”.
     After six years of growing as individuals and as musicians, Strawberry Girls wanted to  re-record the original EP, as Rosett explains, “The decision to re-record Italian Ghosts came about after we realized that the old recordings never did the songs justice, and we felt like they deserved to be heard with a much better production.”
    Recording and self producing their albums, there has always been an overwhelming sense of pride Strawberry Girls have felt with their music and this record is no exception as the re-imaged tracks showcase their growth. There are also four brand new tracks that the band is excited for fans to hear because as Rosett explains, “[the new tracks] defy our usual genre, while also being extensions of some of the original songs on Italian Ghosts and also featuring a multitude of guest vocalists” which includes Kathleen Delano, Joey Lancaster (Belle Noire), B Rolla, Nic Newsham, Mark Banks, Sarah Glass and Tragic Hero Records label mate Jenna Fournier (Nights).
     The album is available on all major digital platforms with physical copies at Merchbucket.
     Strawberry Girls also recently announced they will be making a second appearance on NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly on February 21st (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning).
About Strawberry Girls
When an eclectic group of individuals comes together with an idea to create something fresh, the results can often be outstanding. Such is the case with the experimental rock trio Strawberry Girls. These guys from California were founded by ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zachary Garren after he crossed paths with drummer Ben Rossett and bassist Ian Jennings. Although the band has worked with guest vocalists, they have remained an instrumental three piece. The album French Ghetto includes vocal appearances by Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds, ex Dance Gavin Dance), Nic Newsham (Gatsby’s American Dream), Shane Smit, Kathleen Mae, and Gavin Mulkey. “Our sound was originally built from a desire to practice and play as much as possible, without being restricted by the schedules of many different band members,” says Garren. However, what originally began as an invention out of necessity, became much more than that. Strawberry Girlstake a simplistic, yet sometimes technical approach to songwriting by mending parts together that get stuck in your head and compel you to listen to them over and over again.

    Strawberry Girls have gone back into the studio to record their new album “American Graffiti” and are excited for fans to hear the new songs. “We can’t wait for everyone to hear American Graffiti, an album we’ve been writing for over two years. We put a ton of work into making this our best album so far, not just musically, but sonically, too. It’s a bit different than our previous releases and we explore a lot more musical territory with this album. We care about every single note we chose to play on American Graffiti and know it shows.” Garren explained.

“American Graffiti” was released on November 13, 2015 and hit #22 on the Billboard New Artist Chart. The band has been consistantly playing shows since the release including the 10 year anniversary Dance Gavin Dance run and the sold out Chon tour.

In 2016, Strawberry Girls made their national television debut when they appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly. The feature included live footage from one of their LA shows and they will be appearing on the show again in 2017. The band also went back into the studio to work on their upcoming album.

     The Strawberry Girls will release “Italian Ghosts” (previously released in 2011) on February 17, 2017. The band rerecord the original album and will also include four brand new tracks. The record features guest vocals from Nic Newsham, Kathleen Delano, B Rolla, Joey Lancaster, Mark Banks, Sarah Glass and Jenna Fournier.

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