Aethere Premieres “Strain”

Band uses life experiences as inspiration on new single
   Bringing a heavier side to the Tragic Hero Records roster, California deathmetal band, Aethere, is proud to premiere the single “Strain” off their upcoming label debut record, ‘Adrift’.
The inspiration behind the song is about experiencing struggles in life and the decisions one must make during difficult times. Drummer Josh Slater shared, “Strain is about the trials in life we all face and the process of trying to overcome these obstacles, the situation, reflection, lows, and ultimately realizing you are the one that has to move past these problems alone. We all face them, this is Strain.”
     ‘Adrift’ is available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp, along with physical copies at MerchNow.
     The band is from the bay area of California (the bio is below just in case you need any other information)
Aethere perfectly combines aspects of deathmetal, metalcore, black metal and hardcore into a sound all their own featuring profound vocals and technical guitar. Periphery, After The Burial and Dream Theater are several of the band’s influences which contributed to the writing process of their Tragic Hero Records’ debut full length, “Adrift”.
      Formed in 2009 when Drummer Josh Slater and Guitarist Garrett Wasson started playing together and recorded a three-song demo, Aethere started playing shows locally in Northern California and quickly built an impressive fan base. After seeing success on the regional level, the band went into the studio to record their debut full length, “Wave Existence” (Produced by Marcus Wade, released in 2011) They released a music video for the song “Oblivion” and gained a substantial amount of internet presence, breaking 20k views in a little under a months time when it was released.”. The band became students while in the studio of various DIY experiences, and took it upon themselves to take things to the next level on their follow up EP “Demons” (produced by Bob Swanson at Mayhemeness, released in 2012). Aethere continued to play locally, building the brand of the band before heading back into the studio in 2014 to record the “Past and Present” EP.
     With various releases under their belt, Aethere began touring nationally and playing the Death Metal festival circuit with such prominent Death Metal acts such as Cattle Decapitation, Psycroptic, and Fallujah to name a few.  After getting a great response at the national level, the band was ready to get back into the studio for their next release and solidify the current line-up of with the addition of guitarist Chris Tognetti, Bassist Evan Yoshino and Vocalist Jimbo Patton.

In 2017, Aethere signed to Tragic Hero Records and will release their label debut, “Adrift” (Produced by Zach Ohren) on April 28. While one of the heavier bands on the label’s roster, they are a perfect addition to the expanding Tragic Hero Records’ family. The band is confident in their decision that the label is the best home for them, stating, “Tragic Hero is the best fit for us on a professional level, as well as a creative level. Their sincerity and excitement for our musical vision is everything we could ask for and more.”


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