Orion Stephens Channels His Inner Corey Taylor

In Dying Arms releases Slipknot cover
     Growing up, In Dying Arms Vocalist, Orion Stephens, listened to a wide variety of  heavy music. Being said, even at a young age, Slipknot was always one of his favorites. When Stephens started focusing on perfecting his vocalist abilities, he gathered inspiration from Slipknot Frontman, Corey Taylor.
     When it came time for In Dying Arms to decide which song they would cover, the choice to do “My Plague” was an easy one. As Stephens shared, “We’ve always wanted to do a cover of a band we all grew up listening to, and Slipknot came up with ease.”
     In Dying Arms has been a familiar name in the deathcore scene for almost ten years now and shows no signs of stopping. Being released in 2016, their Tragic Hero Records debut album, “Original Sin,” hit the Billboard charts and received an overwhelming response to the record out on the road. All while, staying busy in the studio, In Dying Arms is preparing for a summer tour (details to be announced soon).

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